In addition to having an extensive list of wines by the bottle, an appealing beer selection, a full bar, and a fantastic food menu...you will find that JJs provides a unique experience, in that we showcase 28 wines using state-of-the-art wine-dispensing machines. These machines use a wine-preservation system which keeps the wines fresh, ensuring a quality pour every time!  All the machines operate the same and allow you to choose from 1oz, 5oz or 8oz pour sizes. Simply purchase a pre-paid wine card from your server/bartender, for whatever amount you desire; the card is yours to keep, will never expire, and can be used over and over.  Note that there is a one-time (per card) microchip activation fee of $3.

Should you find that the wine-dispensing machines are not for you, we also offer a nice selection of wines by the glass, as well as by the bottle. In addition to wine, JJs has a full bar, including a variety of select liquors, craft cocktails, beer, sparkling wines and Champagne.  Please see the bar menu for a list of house cocktails and other bar options.  NOTE: There is no need to purchase a prepaid card if you are not using the machines; the cards are only for use in the wine machines and not valid with food/beverage purchases. 

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